About Us


Tri Nature is the leading company in Australia that offers only the best eco-friendly products, and Dunbrae Philippines is proud to bring these wonderful products in Philippine market. Our aim is to present the country an environmental solution and provide the Filipino families the premium quality, Australian made, organic based products.

In today’s generation, the planet is suffering from different types of pollution, and this causes harm to every living organisms. There has been hundreds and thousands of organizations who are exposing the harmful effects of chemicals to humans and environment and most of them are promoting the organic way of living. We, humans are familiar with the obvious type of pollutions like water, air, soil and thermal pollution, but unfortunately, some are unaware that pollutions also come from the basic products we use at home like detergents and other cleaning solutions. These products not only contain chemicals that may harm the environment, some are also human carcinogens and causes illness to family members.

One of the company’s main goals is to limit the pollutants which are causing damage to the planet. We want to secure a healthy environment for the future generation and promote the natural way of living. With this, it will also decrease the causes of some diseases like cancer. Most products in the market nowadays have cancer-causing ingredients and our company have gone through intensive research to come up with natural alternatives yet still providing the best results possible. Most personal care products like shampoo, soap and even baby products have phosphate, nitrates and parabens, while our products are organic based which makes it suitable for the whole family without causing health problems.

Commercial, non-organic based products are widely used. Unaware of the side effects, people continually use them based on popularity and price. But as a responsible individual, there are other aspects that we should take into consideration, and that’s what the company wants to provide.

Nature friendly– our products are made from natural and renewable materials which bring no harm to the ecosystem.

Finest Ingredients – we brought out the best in nature to suit even the most delicate skin and make the product gentle for the whole family.

No animal testing – Tri Nature is an active supporter of “Choose Cruelty-Free” Organisation, and is accredited on their Preferred Products List.

No Phosphates nor Nitrates – these are chemicals that cause Eutrophication in bodies of water which promotes excessive growth of algae. As the algae die and decompose, high levels of organic matter and the decomposing organisms deplete the water of available oxygen, causing the death of other organisms, such as fish.

Over 25 years of research and expertise – the company ensures that through comprehensive research and expertise with Natural technology, we will not compromise the quality of the products. Given that the materials used are natural based, our products are not just innovative and effective, they are also cost efficient and health friendly.